What is it?

An appointment where you meet one on one with a highly trained therapist in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting where you explore your challenges, emotions, and beliefs.

Elaborated Explanation

Therapy provides a safe environment for an individual to confide in a therapist. Clients are able to process difficult events, daily stressors, and address mental illness. Clinicians guide clients to understanding themselves at a deeper level, provide tools to cope with daily stressors, and develop long term habits for healthy wellness. Therapists provide you an individualized treatment plan and assist you on your journey of accomplishing your emotional, psychosocial, and personal goals.


What to Expect

  • Expect a comfortable, safe, and confidential environment to process individually with a therapist challenges you may be facing in your life.
  • Expect to be supported and guided throughout the process with the goal of you achieving your personal wellness.
  • A therapist will complete a comprehensive assessment which outlines the very items that make you, you!

Who Could Benefit?

Debatably, everyone can benefit from therapy since it creates a higher level of self-awareness and provides individualized tools for dealing with the many stressors and demands of our environment.Common behaviors, symptoms, or topics that may indicate a therapist could help are:

  1. Grief & Loss
  2. Mood Swings
  3. Sadness & Depression
  4. Difficulty coping with stress
  5. Difficulty establishing relationships
  6. Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks
  7. Difficulty adjusting to new environments
  8. Bullying & Cyber Bullying
  9. Addiction
  10. And many, many others!