What is it?

Tele-health is a method to provide our services via internet. A secure, confidential video link is established via internet, which allows you to conduct a visit with your therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist from the comfort of your home. Tele-health is a growing industry due to its convenience and connections wellness group is proud to offer it to their clients.

Elaborated Explanation

Tele-health services provides clients with an opportunity to conduct therapy sessions, medication follow up, and wellness visits from the comfort of their home. Tele-health is designed to promote convenience for individuals living a busy lifestyle, and individuals who might have symptoms severe enough where leaving their home may not be feasible. A secure, confidential link is established which allows a client to interact with their provider via online tele-video. There is no additional charge for tele-video, and there is no charge to establish a secure, confidential link via internet. this model is centered around three principles:

  1. Reaching individuals living busy lifestyles
  2. Reaching individuals affected by symptoms making it difficult to leave the comfort of their home
  3. Reaching rural areas across Texas to provide services where providers may not be accessible

What to Expect

  • Expect to receive the same services you would receive in-person, except in an online tele-video platform.
  • Expect to be educated about the risk/benefits of Telehealth by your treating provider.
  • If Telehealth is a good fit for you, Family Renewal Therapy will personally walk you through the 2-Step process of connecting to your provider.
  • That’s right – only 2 steps!

Who Could Benefit

Tele-health provides access to therapists from the comfort of your home, or a private setting of your choosing.

  • Individuals with busy schedules have an opportunity to cut-out drive time to their appointments.
  • Individuals who may be experiencing symptoms making it difficult to leave home.
  • Individuals in rural parts of Texas who may not have access to treating professionals.

If you have a goal, and it involves your significant other, I will provide professional help to guide you to this goal.